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Long time Model, and frequent LMDB*STUDIOS Model Jenny Bee has been on the rise lately.  It looks like we're the first to grab her for the first sit down, before the others could, and boy does she have a story to tell. Click the "Cover Up", link at the top of the page to read her interview.

INside look at LMDB STUDIOS

About LMDB*STUDIOS. Although 8.9 million people know of their work since 2007. they've only been shooting professionally for 5 and a half years. Their port is growing like craaaaaazy, and  already had work displayed by Maxim Magazine, Copied by Playboy, and tons of other mags! They seem like to see how far they can help get these models in the biz. by not only shooting them, but promoting the hell outta them. By posting their shoots to get the most views. So far by displaying work everywhere. It has gotten models on TV, Mags, and lots of other projects.  shoots with LMDB are very laid back, which in turn makes the model more relaxed. They feel you get the best results this way. Even nudes that they do are taken in an effort to keep the shot as classy as possible unless specified otherwise by the model. They have the use of one of the largest studio in PA, and also do a lot of smaller shots at other locations. Feel free to contact them thru our Instagram. They'd love to hear from you.

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Hello everyone! The names Abigail and being cute and playful is the name of my game. I am a Philadelphia newbie but I originally hail from the beautiful steel city of Pittsburgh. I got the pleasure of meeting and working with Vblazin and had such an amazing time and loved every minute of it! I am a girl of many trades and some who really know me would say I have two sides to me. I enjoy to paint, read and write and make great art with people. 

Getting to know me

The other side of me is the dangerous daredevil who is at the top of a roller coaster loving life, enjoying the outdoors while getting dirty riding dirt bikes or working on my "handy-woman" skills wiring outlets and drilling locks. I am always up for a challenge and forever looking to evolve in every way possible as a human being! In my free time, if I ever have any, is spent watching horror movies or visiting haunted houses or in the winter you will find me on the slopes leaving you in the dust! 

In closing

Modeling is such a cool and fun way for me to meet amazing people and create amazing things in our collaborations. You will find me smiling and laughing and enjoying life to the fullest probably with my two fur babies at the park with an ice cream cone looking cute! But if you dont find me there, I'm always checking in on my Instagram @aa_mdl so give me a look and some love! It was great to be given the chance to share a little bit about myself and enjoy the fantastic shots we got together! Xoxo Abigail Adams


For the nerd in you. Here's our movie pick. CAN'T WAIT!



What coulda been. This issue was a definite toss up between Katie and Jenny. Jenny was in the final cut, but we couldn't leave Katie out. 

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We're starting to get back into making videos. Our readers will be among the first to enjoy them. Exclusives will go on our patreon page tho. So, stay tuned.

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S. Marshall

This just makes the day a million times better. Was having a pretty shitty work day until these  photos popped up.

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So there summer is quickly gone. Kids are back in school, and football is mostly on Sunday, Monday, and Thursdays. There's so many more hours with nothing to watch. 

With more than 500 scripted series set to air in 2018, finding the TV shows that will change your life -- or at least your weekend -- is going to be harder than ever. That's where this ranking comes in. Just like 2017, I'll be pointing you to the best TV shows on right now so you'll have something to watch all year long.

We hit the court with Jenny Bee, and make a hard pass

Get in the mind of one of VBLAZIN Magazines most requested models. We finally got her to sit still for an interview, after her exclusive shoot with LMDB*STUDIOS. Don't worry. We were professional. We kept our eye up. LOL. I'm lying. But seriously. You've seen how hot she is in pics. Now you get a glimpse at whats behind all of that hotness. You're welcome.

COD BLACK OPS 4. Upcoming 2018 games (and beyond)

It's a new year, and that means there's a new "Call of Duty" game on the way. 

After returning to World War II in last year's game, "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" seemingly continues the ongoing story of the "Black Ops" sub-series. That means future tech like drones and jump-jets rather than bolt-action rifles and the Third Reich. 

The long-running first-person shooter franchise is gearing up for a big reveal of "Black Ops 4".

Release Date: October 12 

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

100 yards and running

Every year, another "Madden" game. 2018 is no different, with the latest entry in the football simulation series arriving this August. 

A handful of changes are being made this time around, like every year, but let's be honest: You're not buying "Madden" because of changes. Is anyone? "Madden NFL 19" is simply the latest iteration of a formula that's been working for over 25 years, which is exactly what it's supposed to be. 

Release Date: August 10 

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Shut up and "Dribble"

For the twentieth anniversary of the NBA 2K series, Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James is gracing the cover — an unfortunate coincidence given the Caveliers' loss to the Golden State Warriors in this year's NBA finals. 

As per usual, "NBA 2K19" is a basketball simulation — the basketball equivalent of "Madden" for football. Little is known about changes coming to the game this year, but we expect them to be minimal. Fans are buying this one for its gorgeous and accurate depiction of basketball, and they're going to get it. 

Release Date: September 11 

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

Take this curve at full speed

You've got a ticket to ride. There are few better racing games available than the "Forza Horizon" series of open-world, arcade-style racing. 

The latest game in the series, "Forza Horizon 4," features gorgeous visuals, a massive range of real cars, and huge open environments. But that's to be expected from "Horizon" at this point: What's new this time is its seasons system that lets players experience Britain as it changes throughout the year. 

Release Date: October 2 

Platforms: Xbox One, PC


Check out this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 sneak peek.



Season 3. 10 episodes.
Let's pause for a moment to salute Ash Williams, the only Michigan-born horror character ever to cut off his own hand and replace it with a chainsaw, and who's played by the inimitable Michigan-born B-movie poobah and best-selling author Bruce Campbell. Ash is a legitimate national treasure whose weapon of choice deserves to be in the Smithsonian one day, and I can't be the only one who just decided that the National Treasure movie series should be rebooted with Campbell taking over for Nicolas Cage. Anyway, in Season 3 of this blood-soaked, slapstick continuation of The Evil Dead movie franchise, Ash slays a fresh batch of Deadites, duh.


After refusing to compromise his principles by joining an alliance with the filthy-rich Anderson brothers to move a football franchise to Las Vegas, Spencer and his partner Joe set out to expand their foothold in the client-management business, weighing an opportunity to purchase an extreme-sports LA outfit. Meanwhile, Ricky eyes a comeback while chafing at his new life as a father; Charles faces the challenges of being a general manager; Vernon continues his profligate ways, to the chagrin of his sidekick, Reggie; and Jason tries to set Spencer up with a high-school prodigy, Quincy Crawford, and his equally impressive mother, Jayda.Genre: Drama


Season 1. 10 episodes.
Tracy Morgan returns to television as Tray Barker, an ex-con who returns to his Brooklyn neighborhood to find that it has been gentrified and that his ex-girfriend (played by the always awesome Tiffany Haddish) is now married and upwardly mobile. The horror! The humor is ratcheted up at the halfway house Barker is staying at, with Cedric the Entertainer and Morgan set up to play amiable foils.


Power Recap: Confounding Father

By / September 2 2018, 6:00 PM PDT

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Power recap here

Live by the deal with the Feds, die by the deal with the Feds.

That’s the fate that awaits Tony Teresi at the end of this week’s Power, once Tommy learns exactly what his father has been up to since his release from prison. But it’s also a good cautionary tale for a few other characters, such as Proctor and Angela, who find themselves between the federal government and a hard place — and by “hard place,” we mean “prison for a very long time” — by the end of the hour.

Elsewhere, Tariq thinks he’s the man now… and though it pains me to say it, he kinda is.

Read on for the highlights of “There’s a Snitch Among Us.”


Crashing (HBO) 

Season 2. 8 episodes.
Why, look who's back! It's your second- or third-most favorite quasi-fictional comic Pete Holmes, played by actual comic Pete Holmes. In Season 2, our Ritteresque protagonist continues up the long, humbling incline of success in the world of stand-up comedy, honing his inoffensive comedic stylings, exhibiting neuroses during hangouts with Artie Lange and Bill Barr, and engaging in roast battles with significant others along the way. It's all just humorous enough to keep you in its pasty, white thrall.


HBO Sports is collaborating with LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s digital media company, Uninterrupted, to present the unscripted series The Shop, exclusively on HBO. Offering unfiltered conversation and debate with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, the show will air periodically throughout the year.

The series features a lineup starring four-time NBA MVP LeBron James and Maverick Carter. Among the headliners on the first show are rap icon Snoop Dogg, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, three-time NBA champion Draymond Green, two-time WNBA MVP Candace Parker and Peabody and Emmy winner Jon Stewart.

The Shop gives viewers a one-of-a-kind barbershop experience, which for many provides a sanctuary for free-flowing and spirited discussions. The series will visit barbershops around the country to gather distinguished individuals who can speak honestly on sports, music, pop culture, world events, business and other culturally relevant topics.

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