Getting to know

So, MiMi. Where did you grow up?

In a small college town in Southwestern PA called Indiana.

That even sounds like a small town name. Was it a nice place for a kid to grow up?

I wouldn’t say nice as much as I would say it was fun as hell. When you grow up in a college town, you tend to start getting into trouble at a younger age. Having all the fun you shouldn’t be having.

Wow! We’re you a tomboy, or a girly girl?

Absolutely a tomboy. You would find me playing with the boys more so than the girls. I was always one of the boys. (Which led me to be in the friend zone more than I had liked to be. I didn’t “blossom” till I was much older)

Well looking at you now. It's hard to imagine ANYONE putting you in the friend zone. We know you as a sweet person, but were you a rebel growing up?

Like I said earlier, growing up in a college town gives you access to more fun than you’re supposed to have at a young age. I ran with that and never looked back!

What was the first job you ever had?

I was lucky enough to work for a family that was well known in my hometown. I was a nanny for the sweetest boy who I just adored. Job perks included two weekend trips a month on a private jet to a beach house where I had my own condo to stay in. It was a job I will forever be grateful for.

Now that's a job with perks. I'm sure a few of our readers would've loved to have you as a nanny. What’s the wildest thing you ever saw?

When the Phillies won the World Series back in 2008 I was in the middle of Broad Street (where Locust intersects) during the riots. I saw people climbing out onto the traffic light poles dangling over the middle of the street. I watched people pick up those little metal newsstands and throw them through storefront windows. I saw a bus of cops show up and the crowd held the door shut while people climbed on top. It was truly insane. I have to say though I got some AMAZING photos from that night.

Yeah I know in Philly they're passionate about thier sports. Others hate Philly fans, but Philly fans, and  in turn don't care if you hate em or not. What’s the wildest thing you ever did?

I went on a Lynyrd Skynyrd cruise. I mean we’re talking a sober metal chick on a boat in the middle of the ocean surrounded by southern rock loving party animals. I was a plus one with the second headlining band and I had all access to the boat. I was treated like a celebrity all because of my tattoos. Everyone (including bands) wanted to take their picture with me. It was the most surreal experience. So I guess that was more the most surreal thing I’ve ever done rather than wild, oops.

Free and Easy (to a point)

That had to get crazy. The guys at LMDB*STUDIOS seems to love working with you, and we can see why. How’d you get into modeling?

I’ve always wanted to model but never actually gave it a try. Then 3 years ago, one of my very dear friends who tattoos traded tattoo time with a photographer for shoot time for me as a surprise. We shot together 4 times total and 3 of those times we were published in magazines. Needless to say I was sold after that.

You seem like a free spirit when it comes to your modeling. You do a good amount of nude work. Were you always this laid back when it comes to nudity?

Yes. I love the female form. I always have. The tattoos don’t hurt the cause as well. I want to share them because I am lucky enough to have some award winning art adorn me. I believe Art should be shared as it is meant to be appreciated in one form or another. I choose my body to share so that it may (hopefully) be appreciated.

I never looked at it that way. Good to know tho. I know this business can get crazy, but what do you like to do when you get a minute outside of your modeling?

I consider myself a professional when it come to binge watching shows. When I actually get time between all the crazy goings on in my life, I like to stay in bed and binge watch a show. Especially BBC crime drama tv shows.

What type of men/women do you like.? (We don’t want to assume).

The most important trait either sex has to have is the ability to make me laugh. Next is their smile. I like my women super girly. I like my men extra manly and tall. Dudes have to be tall so I can feel like a little tiny doll that can be tossed around. Tattoos are a plus HOWEVER I’m a tattoo snob and too many BAD tattoos is huge turn off. So you can’t just HAVE tattoos to make the cut. You have to have GOOD tattoos to make the cut.

So, is there anything someone can do on a date that may get them an invite in for “coffee “ at the end of a date?

(I like that you said coffee and not a nightcap as I don’t drink and that is perfect, that made me chuckle.) I surprisingly don’t go on many dates. I’m not asked out very often. (So hey all you girly girls and tall manly men with good tattoos, step up to the plate!) But when I have been on a date, if you can make me laugh till my stomach hurts, you’re in! Which to be fair isn’t that hard to do. I laugh a lot as it is.

Hear that guys and girls? Make a mental note for laughter. We notice that a lot of models are beautiful, but are self discribed nerds when it comes to their personal life. Is that you?

Well i wouldn’t really describe myself as a nerd. Maybe a little bit weird, yes, but that’s about it. I like my weird witchy things and my metal and my Netflix. Well, maybe I am part nerd, I do have a comic book collection that I read occasionally. That’s the nerdiest thing you’re gonna get outta me, ha.

Closing argument

I can just imagine you doing some awesome cosplay shoots. What are you plans for yourself in 2018?

To go as hard as I can with publications this upcoming year. I want more features and more covers and more newsstand magazines. I’m trying to go BIG! I want this Mamma Tried tattoo to be recognized as me not just here but all around the world!

Well your star is shooting fast, and we’ll be watching. Smiling from the sidelines. Is there any shout outs, or anything you want to say in closing?

Yes! I want to thank Cindy Vega for being the best friend an aspiring model could have by surprising me and getting me that first shoot! I want to thank Kate Collins for her constant love and support (and our lunch dates!) Elizabeth Rose for pushing and inspiring me to be the best model I can be by being the perfect muse. My roommate Andrea for putting up with my constant “look at these naked pictures of me because I’m so excited” nonsense. I’m sure she’s tired of seeing me naked by now. Last but not least my baby momma, Brinson, the mother to my (anti) god-goddaughter, Maizie, who I love both so dearly and couldn’t live without.

I also would love to thank LMDB*STUDIOS, and ALL the photographers who have worked with me over the years. You helped me get to where I am today and I couldn’t thank you enough for taking a chance on me!!

Tell our readers where else they can find you.

My Instagram is @mimi.fulton
And my website is